In carrying out the turnkey project censers produce a project that involves carrying out the main part of the ventilation area with heat exchanger unit, warm clean air in winter and cooling in the summer time, all sensors and measuring vacuum, suspended ceilings, thermopane glazing and sliding doors to the sensor.
In addition to the basic versions are also possible miscellaneous additives such as warning signs, lighting, anti-smoke coatings …

The size of this kind of smoking rooms is unlimited and is calculated based on the needs of the investor according to the number of people who will spend time in the smoking room after the calculation of 0.7 m2 per person.
Currently, our biggest smoking room designed for 21 persons.

The advantage of the project especially in the smoking room is very low maintenance costs, which when used correctly is only required periodically confused micro filters on the recuperative unit, which is in the low price range.

Prices Project smoking rooms are, of course, depend on the number of smokers, smoking room location, room size and equipment of the smoking room and can be performed in a price range from 3000 to about 20000 euro.

For making an estimate, we need to view a plan view of the space dedicated to smokers, as well as other data on the number of smokers and the arrangement of equipment censers (glazing or prefabricated walls, heating and cooling, lighting, coat of antinicotine color, distance censers from the outer wall …)

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