Extraction of plastic chips from a broaching machine

Plastic chips (thermoplast) which are created by the broaching tool are automatically extracted during the machining process. The plastic chips are collected in an intercept hopper. When the hopper is full, the suction material is discharged by gravity into a mobile bin which is positioned under the intercept hopper. The suction power is created by an 11 kW MaxVac Central unit. The unit runs reliably in a 3-shift-rhythm, 6 days per week.

Intercept hoppers
MaxVac Central Aggregate

Dust extraction from a conveyor belt

Plastic powder is fed to a production process by a conveyor belt. At the end of the conveyor belt, the rising dust is extracted by a monobloc dust extraction unit positioned next to the belt. The suction material is discharge downwards. The high end filter elements of the monobloc correspond to class M dust for hazardous dust. They are continuously cleaned by compressed air.

Monobloc dust extraction

Vacuum cleaning of an extruder

In order to minimise the downtime of the extruder, the machine is regularly cleaned with an FS-216 unit extracting granular material, dust and hydraulic oil. The machine is cleaned within the preventive maintenance programme. An additional effect is the improved quality of the end products due to a clean machine and clean casting forms.