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A step ahead with its wide range of cleaning products, TSM is a family-run business with headquarter in Fiume Veneto – Pordenone (Italy) and has its own a commercial subsidiary established in Mumbai (India) since 2011.
TSM bases its success on designing, manufacturing and marketing cleaning products that are worldwide recognized for being SMART: Simple, completely Mechanical, Accessible, Reliable and Tough.

TSM’s best asset is its history.
The family business goes as far as back as 1882, when Moro Group was founded in Fiume Veneto (Italy). The company soon became the European leader manufacturer of industrial outdoor cleaning equipment, like agricultural trailers, Road Sweepers, Canal Jet and Water pumps.
The Moro family has been manufacturing and supplying high-tech cleaning products for four generations and nowadays TSM’s strategy focuses mainly on indoor cleaning.


the sanitizing power of light


The ECORAY solution with ultraviolet rays is competitive and free of side effects. Rays directed on the floor neutralize bacteria, viruses, spores, and nematodes, due to its high power biocide.
At the time being the solution is mounted and commercialize on the Grande Brio scrubber driers range and it is used mainly inside hospitals.
The Ecoray system is completely ecological doesn’t create pollution or ozone and is totally safe for the operator.
The system works autonomously when brushes are switched on and allows to eliminate bacterial load on the floor up to the 97% without adding any chemicals.
UV source life time is insured up to 9000 hours working after that time the lamp substitution is recommended.


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