Exhaust gas extraction Future

The exhaust gas produced from cars, motorbikes and trucks is a very dangerous pollutant for people working in automotive. Carbon monoxide (CO), unburned Hydrocarbons (HC), Nitrogen monoxide and dioxide (NOx), Sulfur dioxide and trioxide (SOx) and particles, are some of the components of exhaust gas and if inhaled they can cause serious damages to respiratory tracts and not only. An exhaust gas extraction system will improve conditions for everybody working nearby cars, motorbikes and trucks. An extraction system is able to remove the gas directly from the exhaust pipes of vehicles and take it outside thanks to a fan and a ducting.
Future is manufacturing exhaust gas extraction systems with: reels (ARN, ARC, ARL, MAX) for the recovery of suction hoses, suction rails (ALU 170 or ALU 230) for testing lines and for workshops where it is required to optimize suction points and aluminium wells (PAG 180 or PAG 200) to keep free space around the workshops. We suggest you to look up our catalogue and check all the possible solutions for the extraction of exhaust gas.

I need to equip a testing line, which is the most suitable product?

“A testing line is developped in lenght and the most suitable product is the Trolley System. A Trolley System is following the vehicles (thanks to a sliding crab with hose and nozzle connected to the exhaust pipes) during all testing phases and, once at the end, it is taking back the sliding crab with the nozzle to the starting point. Get in contact with us for further information”

Which is the most suitable extraction system for my workshop?

“Let’s say that it is not existing an universal extraction system suitable for all the workshops. Every workshop has its characteristics and has its requirements: motorbikes, cars or trucks have to be treated differently and the quantity of working bays as well as the contemporaneously work and the location of the bays are conditioning the selection of the system.

The product line for exhaust gas extraction is addressed to every workshops where a new installation is required according to laws in force and where it is required to improve working conditions. Our range consist of:

  • Mechanical and motorized reels
  • Suction rails for centralized systems
  • Wells for underground systems
  • Nozzles for motorbikes, cars, trucks, buses and coaches
  • Exhaust gas extraction fans
  • Crushproof hoses
  • Accessories

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