Centralized oils and fluids (grease, antifreeze, water) dispensing is a big help for workshops allowing to improve stock management and to speed up exhaust oil recovery and new oil dispensing operations.

Our product line is developed in three main groups: oil and fluids dispensing, stocking areas, and monitoring and security systems.

Oil and fluids dispensing bays usually consist of groups of hose reels and are usually completed with services like electricity, compressed air, lamps etc. these components are mounted on support structures for which we are able to offer several solutions: columns (OCTOPUS), totem (PLUS), wall hanging structures (ARR ONE) and double sided columns (PORTALE). All our dispensing bays can be provided with exhaust oil suction units either pneumatic or electric.

Why should we install a lubrication centralized system?

“There are several reasons why to install a centralized dispensing system, like the reduction of working times and consequently the increase of productivity as well as a better stock management.”

Why is it important to dimension correctly the hoses in a centralized system?

“The diameter of the hoses is very important to define the correct pump pressure ratio. It happens sometimes that systems are completed with pumps with a big pressure ratio just to compensate a wrong dimensioning of the hoses but we don’t recommend it because a system with high working pressures could be subject to leaks or brakes with the passing of time”.

Our product line “lubricants dispensing” is realized to simplify and to speed up all the exhaust oil suction and new oil dispensing operations. Every product is studied to be positioned quite everywhere in the workshop, this allow us to be able to suggest every time the most suitable solution for our customers.

Here below you will find a list of the most important products:

  • Dispensing columns
  • Dispensing Totem
  • Double sided columns for cars
  • Double sided columns for trucks
  • Wall hanging dispensing systems
  • Sliding dispensing systems
  • Hose reels
  • Dispensing guns
  • Pumps
  • Monitoring systems
  • Tanks

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