Laundry chute “EASY LINE”

Have you been confronted with the problem of disposal of dirty laundry ?
Of course.
Especially if you live in a house with many stairs is quite a bit of running.
A simple and effective solution is a laundry chute, which we offer our customers both for residential homes as well as commercial premises.
Laundry chute offer as a whole sets of two or three floor house, or for multi-storey businessbuildings.
Apart from the pipeline dimensions of 250 mm, which is produced in PVC, or inox material, we also offer a door with a lock in more colors and more materials.
For the area of commercial facilities we offer domes laundry on the basis of a vacuum.
If you choose not to our execution you can also choose to purchase the materials through the online store and perform the installation yourself using our precise instructions accompanyingthe supply of materials.
In addition, installation packages, we also offer other equipment.
Laundry chute “Easy line” are easy to install and safe to use !

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