FUTURE Extraction systems for industry

Welding fumes, solvents and paints exhalation, grinding dust, milling dust and sanding dust are very annoying and noxious. Future is constantly studying and developing products intended to keep working places safe, and it is always updated with laws and rules in force related to safety in working places, in order to offer a specific range for every kind of suction: From localized suction in a limited area up to the air changing when the pollutant is all around and it is impossible to localize suction.

Why should we adapt to law in force about safety in working places?

“The law is very clear and in case of serious accidents due to the incompliance with rules in force even the arrest is provided. But don’t be so drastic. A working area healthy and in accordance with the law is improving working conditions and consequently the productivity of workers.”

How could we create a painting zone in a limited space?

“The old spray-booths cannot be installed in small spaces, because in addition to the space of their overall dimensions they also require, in the front part, an area dedicated to the entry and the exit of parts. But now we have a solution! GIBI is a special system consisting of a suction wall with extendable tent, creating a tunnel around the parts and keeping the space around completely free when closed.”

The product line for “extraction systems for industry” is addressed to the industries where there is the necessity to extract and/or filter exhalations, fumes or dusts.

There is a specific suction or filtration system for every kind of pollutant, here below you will find the list of our products:

  • Movable extractors with mechanical filtration
  • Movable extractors with electrostatic filtration
  • Centralized extraction systems for painting
  • Centralized extraction systems for fumes
  • Centralized extraction systems for dust
  • Suction hoods
  • Suction working benches
  • Filtering groups with activated charcoal
  • Filtering groups with pocket filter
  • Filtering groups with cartridges
  • Filtering groups for oily mist fumes
  • Fans
  • Air changing

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