ZSA stands for high quality innovative technology for over 20 year now. Due to the constantly increasing demand of our products worldwide, we are expanding our facilities in Offenbach Germany again. A new logistic center will be build 2013. Our warehouse and production capacity will be doubled so we can continue to cater to our customers’ needs and guarantee our prompt delivery in the future.

Our customers are and have been the main focus for our research and development work. The outcome is that our systems stand out through their easy operation for the user, long lasting, functionality and economic efficiency. Many innovative solutions worldwide are only found by ZSA GmbH in Germany.

All units and systems are “made in Germany” and are produced in our own production facilities by a young and highly motivated team to the highest quality standards. This approach allows us to be flexible and gives us a production reliability to quickly respond and deliver to our customers’ needs and wants. Reliability and our high quality of workmanship show for our long guarantees and warrantees that are provide to our customers.

Our products are mainly sold through wholesalers. A large stock of all spare parts allows us to react quickly and easily to urgent orders. Our products are represented worldwide due to our large sales network.
We provide access to over 900 articles with ordering options on our Online-Partner-Shop. Our online shop also provides current prices, current articles in stock, weight and packaging units as well as all technical information and installation instructions regarding our systems.

We have a large service team of technicians that provide external services world wide. We also provide a phone support service with ZSA technicians that are more than happy to help you with your questions and concerns. Furthermore we offer an online planning module which allows you to plan and configure your installation plans and estimates quick and easily.
Centralni vacuum system Variovac by Vakuum tehnik d.o.o. the system is intended primarily for customers in countries Croatia, Serbia, Monte Negro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Kosovo.

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