Since 1985 Aertecnica has been writing an innovative story in Italy, in the full respect of nature: the one of vacuum cleaning systems of the latest generation, today reaching truly excellent standards with TUBÒ. 
Over the years Aertecnica has continued to develop to become a leader in the sector thanks to its capacity to always put research first. 
In particular, Aertecnica aims to apply new technologies to the solution of the problems of hygiene and cleaning in the home and the environments we live and work in, because these are the places where we spend most of our time. 

One of the decisive aspects in the success of Aertecnica has been theconstant innovation of the product, something that has made it possible to realise a technologically advanced system of the highest quality offering excellent reliability: TUBÒ. 

The product innovation has always laid the foundations for the positive performance of the company, and this translates into concrete terms with numerous and qualified technological and commercial solutions: self-cleaning filter system, modular central vacuum systems, start-up control display, suction power control system, Soft Start system for the motor which lets you save energy, and realisation of sockets that are complementary with electric socket covers on sale. 

Aertecnica, as well as producing single and three-phase central vacuum systems, vacuum sockets, components and accessories for the TUBÒ vacuum system, also provides assistance, for the final user as well as designers and installers; this includes feasibility studies, planning the installation and providing after-sales services through over 50 Service Centres distributed throughout the Italian territory. 

Aertecnica is the first company in the sector to have been awarded the double CORPORATE and ENVIRONMENTAL ISO 9001 ISO 14000certification, and also the CCC certification for exporting to China.

The decision to conform to the environmental certification derives from the desire to express values associated with the conservation of the environment in which we live, values that are expressed and summed up effectively by the company’s mission: THINK CLEAN. 
Acting to improve the quality of environments, to preserve the health (today more than ever threatened by allergies and respiratory ailments) and the wellbeing of people, making their daily life both at home and at work easier by making the environments more healthy and liveable: this is a philosophy that translates into practice, also in the construction of factories with a low environmental impact, with the realisation of solid and long-lasting products and through the continuous development of new eco-compatible technologies for cleaning the home and work environments. 

Aertecnica takes care of the environment and people, combiningcorporate and ethical goals: the need for corporate development, and therefore work and commitment, with the respect for the people involved. The company is the expression of a business that pursues its corporate goals in a way to create a work environment in which the wellbeing of the single person comes first and foremost. Aertecnica also has strong bonds with the local territory, and looks to the future, with the aim of playing an even more important role in the social and productive system of the territory in the future, becoming a solidpoint of reference for the community of collaborators, partners in the company’s success.

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