CVS for haushold

When it comes to vacuuming the house, few people would say that they look forward to it. The traditional, upright vacuuming systems are bulky and carrying them around just to blast off the dust from each corner of your house is understandably a daunting chore.

Lucky for you, there is an alternative: central vacuum systems! They are essentially built to extract dirt from your house in a way that will preserve your indoor air quality.

Unlike the upright vacuum types that tend to stir up dust and contaminate the air, central vacuums direct all the debris to an out-of-the way canister, preferably located in the basement or in the garage. In place of a large and bulky vacuuming unit, you only need to carry a very light power brush linked to a retractable hose that allows you to easily dust off every nook in your house.

If you are looking to buy a central system but are unsure about terminology and features, you came to the right place.


Since 1985 Aertecnica has been writing an innovative story in Italy, in the full respect of nature: the one of vacuum cleaning systems of the latest generation, today reaching truly excellent standards with TUBÒ. 
Over the years Aertecnica has continued to develop to become a leader in the sector thanks to its capacity to always put research first. 
In particular, Aertecnica aims to apply new technologies to the solution of the problems of hygiene and cleaning in the home and the environments we live and work in, because these are the places where we spend most of our time. 

One of the decisive aspects in the success of Aertecnica has been theconstant innovation of the product, something that has made it possible to realise a technologically advanced system of the highest quality offering excellent reliability: TUBÒ. 

The product innovation has always laid the foundations for the positive performance of the company, and this translates into concrete terms with numerous and qualified technological and commercial solutions: self-cleaning filter system, modular central vacuum systems, start-up control display, suction power control system, Soft Start system for the motor which lets you save energy, and realisation of sockets that are complementary with electric socket covers on sale. 

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ZSA stands for high quality innovative technology for over 20 year now. Due to the constantly increasing demand of our products worldwide, we are expanding our facilities in Offenbach Germany again. A new logistic center will be build 2013. Our warehouse and production capacity will be doubled so we can continue to cater to our customers’ needs and guarantee our prompt delivery in the future.

Our customers are and have been the main focus for our research and development work. The outcome is that our systems stand out through their easy operation for the user, long lasting, functionality and economic efficiency. Many innovative solutions worldwide are only found by ZSA GmbH in Germany.

All units and systems are “made in Germany” and are produced in our own production facilities by a young and highly motivated team to the highest quality standards. This approach allows us to be flexible and gives us a production reliability to quickly respond and deliver to our customers’ needs and

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