In the field of industrial vacuuming and facilitate industry is AERTECNICA one of the leading global manufacturers.

Sector industrial central vacuum cleaning systems wakes wide range of suction power units from 2.2 to 9 kW, of summaries of dust and dirt volume of 150 liters, wide antistatic vacuum hoses and brushes, industrial sockets, metal piping system, aluminum and other necessary materials.

Specialty industrial vacuum units AERTECNICA are almost indestructible engines in most Siemens turbines with the possibility of vacuuming up to 24 hours a day.

For each project stands as an outstanding technical support.For each supplied vacuum unit, there are comprehensive instructions and technical suport.For each device we provide service and spare parts for almost all segments of the plant for many years after purchase.

It is also essential professional trained team of service technicians and proximity of production, which is away from the Slovenian border over 360 km, which provides the opportunity for training personnel directly into production itself, the possibility of seeing all production processes and devices and of course, fast delivery slip all segments as the quick delivery time of spare parts of the production process is essential.

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