Cleaning of automobile brakes in a service center – processing factory

Vacuum cleaning of a machining centre for brake callipers

The FS-216 is a sump and swarf cleaner for which not only the suction side has been perfectly designed. The unit can also separate liquids and metal chips and can return the cleaned liquid.The typical application is the cleaning of metal working machines. Coolant and chips are vacuum extracted. The coolant is separated from the chips and can be filtered if required. The chips are taken out of the unit and the coolant is returned to the machine. The advantage of the FS-216 is that the coolant does not need to pass a liquid pump but that it is pressed out of the unit. Thus the FS-216 avoids the problem of similar units where the liquid pump is frequently destroyed by metal swarf. Wieland Lufttechnik – the technology leader.


Cleaning machines for processing of gear components

Assembler chips on the machines by means of a suction device MaxVac periodically completely vacuuming in, to complete discharge.
Vacuumed material is collected centrally and is automatically emptied into-mounted sink.
Inlet connections cover the entire working area and are positioned in such a way that the suction is carried out everywhere where necessary.

Cleaning the pallets in the processing cycle.

Stationary compact suction device mod.IS-76 Central, vacuumed chips and cooling Lubricant assets made scorecard peak.
Vacuumed material is automatically emptied into a rollup installed below the chips.
Specially designed discharge silencer guarantees extremely low noise operation of the device.

IS-56 / IS-76